Gaethje Reflects On Potential UFC 249 Moment

A dream was close to becoming a reality for Justin Gaethje.

The 31-year-old was chosen to face Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 for the interim UFC Lightweight Title after Khabib Nurmagomedov backed out of the April 18 main event. The UFC had a location in mind and he was ready to show why the promotion made the right choice. It all came crashing down when UFC 249 was postponed earlier this week.

While he had a limited amount of time to prepare, Gaethje (21-2) was willing to do whatever it took to be ready. Unsure when he will ever get this opportunity again, Gaethje took to social media. There were no regrets, only thanks to what was the wildest few days of his life.

“I really felt a surge of energy and support as this fight was building up from so many ppl across the world, it was very humbling,” Gaethje stated. “I am thankful to represent Safford, AZ and my great friends and family. I’m going to be working hard to be ready next time the opportunity arises.

“Let’s get through this fight we are all facing right now by having a positive impact on our immediate surroundings (family, neighbor, community) Thank you!! The boss @danawhite is someone I am proud to do business with.”

On a three-fight win streak, Gaethje has seven win bonuses in his career. Prior to the announcement, Gaethje was attempting to train without gyms due to the coronavirus. He was more than willing to do whatever it took to get the job done.

“No, I haven’t (taken a a fight on short-notice), but I’ve also never been offered a UFC title,” Gaethje stated. “That’s the only thing I’m working for. That’s all I’ve been working for since the beginning so I’m ready to gamble.”

With the next few months of fights in question, Gaethje has time to properly prepare for whatever comes his way. He could face Ferguson down the line, or he could face Conor McGregor. Either way, his phone will be by his side, ready to answer the call.

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