Gaethje Stays Optimistic After UFC 300 Loss To Holloway

Justin Gaethje remains optimistic despite losing his UFC BMF Title to Max Holloway at UFC 300. 

‘The Highlight’ was losing the fight heading into the final round. Holloway took a risk, however, by urging Gaethje into the center as both men exchanged. Holloway dropped Gaethje with a second left, leaving his opponent on the canvas. The match-up was questioned, given Justin’s position in the rankings. 

Before the fight, Gaethje had stopped Dustin Poirier at UFC 291 in the second round to secure the BMF belt. The win put him in the conversation for a title shot with the UFC Lightweight Islam Makhachev. The defeat ended those hopes, as Makhachev will now face Poirier at UFC 302 on June 1. Looking back, Gaethje was fine with how things played out. 

A lot of people in my position would have sat out, not taken that fight and waited for that title fight. But I have no regrets. I had so much fun. I think it was such a huge historic card for the UFC, and to be part of that and to be the best fight on that card is going to live on forever.

“Again, it was huge risk. I failed. If I would have won that fight, if I would have got a quick knockout, I would have taken that [title] fight. I would have that fight. But it’s just the name of the game. I’m happy for Dustin, good for him, somebody had to fight Makhachev. No matter win or lose it was gonna be – obviously if I won, it would be impossible to turnaround a fight in five or six weeks. So this is the way the UFC wanted to go, and so I guess I can’t complain about it,” Gaethje stated

Gaethje is unlikely to get a rematch straight away. Holloway called out Conor McGregor and the UFC Featherweight Champion Ilia Topuria. A fight against McGregor will earn Holloway the biggest payday of his career. Meanwhile, facing Topuria allows Holloway to chase legacy and further titles. 

“Conor 2, let’s run it back. That would be a huge fight I think. But legacy, and ideal-wise, trying to get back to the undisputed title, I’ll have to go with [Ilia] Topuria. He [Topuria] beat a man [Alexander Volkanovski] that I couldn’t help but figure out. We’ll have to see,” Holloway said


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