Gall: ‘It’s Belt Or Bust For Me”

Since debuting with the UFC in 2016, Mickey Gall has been waiting to prove his legitimacy. Known for beating CM Punk in the former WWE Champion’s first official fight, Gall is hoping to become more than that.

Gall (6-2) is always trying to keep active. He was supposed to face Carlos Condit and Alex Oliveira at one point, but both fights never came to fruition. Condit ended up getting injured, but the UFC mysteriously took Gall out of the Oliveira fight and placed Max Griffin in there instead. Gall told MMA Junkie he is still looking for answers from the UFC on that decision.

“The UFC told me there was some problems and it wasn’t coming to fruition, and then it was weird how he was able to book a fight like a week or two after,” Gall stated. “So I don’t really know what happened. Some things, you’re kind of kept in the dark about, but it’s all right. Who knows who my next one is going to be. I’m ready. If they want to do one in the arena with no fans or whatever, I’ll be ready to fight.”

After beating Punk, Gall went 3-2 in five fights. He beat Sage Northcutt in a battle of uber-prospects before losing to Randy Brown inside Madison Square Garden at UFC 217. In his most recent bout in August, Gall beat Salim Touahri via unanimous decision.

Future matchups may be on hold due to the coronavirus. Gall told MMA Junkie he was considering doing grappling contests to keep himself busy, if possible. What he really wants is to build himself for title opportunities within the welterweight division. The climb up the mountain can be difficult, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

“My focus is definitely on MMA, fighting in the UFC,” Gall went on to say. “It’s belt or bust for me, so I just want to work toward getting that belt. In time I know I’ll get it.

“(I’m) taking it fight by fight, but with the goal of being the champion. So I’d like to be in the top 15 within a year or so, get my chance, and get the belt. That’s the goal.”

How exactly does he do that? With a full gym for access, Gall doesn’t care who he faces. That is, as long as it is someone who can help him move up within the rankings.

“I’d imagine I’d probably fight one more person out of the top 15, but if they offer me a top 15 (opponent), I’d be all over that, too. But I don’t really know,” said Gall. “I’m not really sure. The Condit one would have been fun, but I’m not really worried about that one anymore. I don’t know if that’s going to come to fruition at all. But whoever, pretty much. I’m not really feeling too picky these days.”

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