Gamboa Looks To Take Davis Into “Deep Water”

In a year of shocking moments and upsets, Yuriokis Gamboa is looking to end the year with another one this weekend against Gervonta Davis.

“We know ‘Tank’ is a big puncher, but experience is going to take its course. He’s never been past the ninth round before. And his trainer has never been past the ninth round before. So when you start talking about round 10, round 12, you’re in new territory,” Stacey McKinley one of Gamboa’s trainers said ahead of fight night..

“It’s like Sugar Ray Leonard told Tommy Hearns: ‘I’m going to take you out to deep water, and I’m going to drown you.’ So this is what we expect to do, take him into deep water and drown him.”

“Gamboa is very versatile,” McKinley continued. You’ve got to watch him real close. I’ve watched him real close and I’ve seen him thrown punches that most fighters can’t throw. I see technique and I see the change up in the ring. The last few weeks we’ve changed things up and are using different techniques. He’s a great Cuban fighter.

“He jumped up two weight classes (to fight Terence Crawford). Terence Crawford is a big guy. You’ve got a guy like Terence Crawford who says (Gamboa) can punch, then you have to take his word as gospel. What makes (Gamboa) a good puncher is that he knows how to create his shots. He knows where to hit you and he doesn’t waste punches. So you get him in the right spot and hit the pressure points, then it’s a lot different than just getting hit anywhere and it’s more devastating.”

Report: Boxing Scene

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