Gamebred Wants More Bread

Jorge Masvidal’s top priority is not the main event, its not a title shot, it’s making the most money as humanly possible, and if those other things are a part of it, that’s cool too.

That plan paid off in 2019 for Masvidal as coming off two impressive stoppages against Darren Till and Ben Askren, Masvidal got to main event Nate Diaz inside Madison Square Garden at UFC 245.

The highly anticipated BMF battle ended in a controversial fashion due to a cut sustained by Diaz, and now in a new interview, Masvidal may try to go up against another of Stockton’s finest.

“Out of pure coincidence and luck, I just spoke with Nick Diaz’s manager,” Masvidal told Ariel Helwani. “And it was interesting with a lot of different insight because UFC is saying one thing and it’s completely different from what we were hearing.”

“To hear it now from Nick Diaz’s manager, things make a lot more sense now. UFC was telling us all kinds of crazy things and, I’m not willing to wait for no man. They were telling me this, and that and this…we got options.”

“Who is going to get me that nice chunk of change that someone like me that has been fighting 16 years professional and busting ass,” Masvidal pondered.

“If it’s up to me, I respect Nick, him and his brother, I got a lot of respect for Conor for what he’s done inside the cage. But Usman, I don’t like his ass one bit. I just want to f**k his ass up. He’s just a punk, the same guy that five or six years ago was asking me to take pictures.”


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