Garbrandt: “Decrepit Old Man” Cruz is in my Way

With Ronda Rousey shunning any MMA media engagements ahead of UFC 207, the co-main event between Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt has taken on much of the spotlight. Days away from the contest, Garbrandt remains aggressive in his verbal taunts to the champion Cruz.

Speaking to Fight Society podcast (h/t MMAFighting), Garbrandt says that he can sense the insecurity in Cruz, who he believes is already preparing to lose his title.

“He just can’t fathom that I went from unranked to fighting him in the same year. I went from unranked to world champion. He’s about to lose it all. He’s feelings the pressure. He’s talking all this s**t, he knows that his time is up. He’s already getting ready. You see his posts about how he didn’t need the belt, he realized he didn’t need the belt to be happy, so he’s getting ready for that next step. I can applaud him for that, he’s getting ready to step down and give me my belt. He kept it polished for me this whole year. I’m very thankful for that."

As he does, Cruz has been poking at Garbrandt with every opportunity he’s gotten, including attacking Garbrandt and his girlfriend on social media. The Team Alpha Male challenger claims he is unbothered by Cruz’s taunts; they show that the champion is beginning to break.

“It’s insecurities man, insecurities. 100%. But dude, it’s funny. It’s like a shark when it smells blood and I smell blood all over that p**sy.

“I have one more man in my way. One more man that is a f**king busted up, crippled, decrepit old man trying to stand in my way… I am going to be world champion. You can put 10 Dominick Cruz’s in front of me, I’ll knock them all out. 10 out of 10.”

Garbrandt did offer one small consolation for the champion: he promised to give him a rematch after dethroning him on Friday.

“I’ll give him his respect and give him a rematch, whoop his a** again, h*ll yeah! But that’s only if he asks for the rematch. I think he will. He’s too egotistical to do that. He’s too egotistical. I’ll definitely give him his rematch… Like I said, put 10 Dominick Cruz’s in front of me and I knock them out. Every one of them.”

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