Garcia Drops Haney Three Times In A Huge Upset Win Over Haney

Ryan Garcia dropped Devin Haney three times to secure a shock majority decision win, giving The Dream the first defeat of his career.

Coming into the fight, there were worries over Garcia’s mental health. The boxer’s admissions of smoking weed and drinking alcohol raised questions over whether the fight should have gone ahead. Garcia dispelled those concerns with a strong start.

Ryan landed a left hook in the opening round, buzzing Haney in a quick-fire start. The early start gave Garcia confidence, but Haney settled in the fight. The Dream’s jab started landing, as Haney took the following two rounds. While Haney was developing a rhythm, Garcia was unhurt, leaving Devin knowing he had to stay on guard for the power.

Garcia found some success in the fifth round, landing a right/left combination. Haney’s right hand over the top also connected, with Garcia circling on the outside. Just as Haney appeared comfortable, with Garcia clinching, Ryan landed a huge left, followed by a right, dropping Haney for the first time in the seventh. As Haney clinched, Garcia threw a punch on the break, leading to a point deduction.

Haney got up from the canvas, but The Dream was on unsteady legs, looking to clinch to get out of the round. Garcia’s confidence grew, trying to stop Haney in the eighth. Ryan landed a big right hand, but Haney stayed out of harm’s way. However, Garcia kept turning his back, using his unorthodox shoulder roll, leaving Haney to land on the body.

Both fighters were warned for holding, as the two began to tire. But Garcia secured another big moment in the tenth, backing Haney up on the ropes, dropping him with a left hook, and sending him to the canvas again.

The momentum swung heavily in Garcia’s favor, as Ryan followed up with another left hook that sent The Dream to the canvas in the 11th round.

Garcia was ahead going into the last round, with both men exhausted. In the final ten seconds, Garcia was showboating, indicating he had done enough to win which was confirmed on the scorecards: 112-112, 114-110 and 115-109. Despite the loss, the WBC has confirmed Haney will not be stripped. According to the WBC Rules, Haney will keep the belt. 

“If the challenger exceeds the official weight limit in his last weigh-in attempt, the champion shall retain their title and the boxers have the option of conducting the bout as a non-title bout,” WBC


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