Garcia Faces Year-Long Suspension

The New York State Athletic Commission suspended Ryan Garcia for one year after he tested positive for Ostarine following his victory over Devin Haney.

The result is now a no-contest, while Garcia must pay $1.1 million from his purse to Golden Boy Promotions. Haney may get a percentage of that. Ryan will also pay a $10,000 state fine. This was inevitable after Garcia announced his retirement before the decision came out.

Garcia maintained he was innocent, claiming there was no intentional usage. A negative hair follicle sample and unsealed supplements that tested positive for Ostarine were insufficient to prevent a ban. Haney remains undefeated at 31-0, but says he will take a year out of the ring before his next fight. Haney and Garcia have responded to the news, which brings an end to the drawn-out saga.

Garcia Reacts

Haney Reacts


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