Garcia: Porter Underestimated Granados

While preparing for their battle for the vacant WBC welterweight title, Danny Garcia has done quite a lot of tape study on Shawn Porter’s last fight against Adrian Granados.

After watching Granados’ effort against Porter, the Philadelphia native feels more confident heading into the September 8th showdown at Barclays Center.

Granados would go the distance against Porter in November, and while Porter would win, Granados moved up from junior welterweight for the fight and possibly show some flaws in Porter’s game.

“Boxing is crazy, because if I would’ve fought that dude and did 12 rounds with him, I would’ve got hell,” Garcia told a group of reporters. “Let’s be real. You know, he’s a smaller guy, coming up from 140. [Porter] probably was supposed to stop him.

“But, you know, I’ve been watching that fight. I’ve been watching that fight. You know, maybe he didn’t train hard. Maybe he underestimated him. But I’ve watched that fight a lot and I think there’s a lot of things that I watched that’s gonna help me in this fight.”


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