Garcia Says He’ll Work With Mayweather To Improve His Shoulder Roll

Ryan Garcia intends to expand his relationship with Floyd Mayweather by working on his shoulder roll. 

Mayweather mastered the shoulder roll, something which George Benton was known for pioneering. It became integral to Mayweather’s skillset, taking him to 50-0 as one of boxing’s best fighters. Garcia, to the surprise of everyone, utilized the shoulder roll in his last fight against Oscar Duarte

It had mixed results with Garcia, deflecting Duarte’s shots, only to get caught once his feet were out of position. Garcia’s trainer, Derrick James, told him to abandon it during the fight. Despite the backlash, Garcia will aim to master the move. There is no better boxer out there than Mayweather to show him how it’s done. 

“I’mma have Floyd train me on doing it. He told me was going to train me on how to do the shoulder roll. Anyway, Floyd told me, ‘You have my word I’mma teach you it (shoulder roll) more. And I said, ‘oh ,we’re gonna do a video.’ At the end of the day, he told me my shoulder roll was good. He was like I don’t see no problem with it. That’s the people talking because they’ve never seen a Mexican do the shoulder roll,” Garcia said


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