Garcia Threatens To Bite Haney’s Ears, Drawing Inspiration From Mike Tyson

Ryan Garcia’s feud with Devin Haney has escalated after he threatened to bite his ears.

Haney and Garcia fight for the WBC Junior Welterweight Belt currently held by The Dream. The build-up has gotten more personal, with Garcia and Haney firing verbal shots at each other. Haney accused the boxer of being on cocaine during their kick-off presser. Garcia mocked Haney’s picture with P Diddy, who is currently facing sexual assault allegations.

Garcia’s latest attack was about Haney’s sponsorship with PRIME. Now, the attacks have gotten more heated, with the potential for violence. Garcia said he would replicate Mike Tyson’s infamous two bites on Evander Holyfield’s ear, which got him disqualified during their bout in 1997.

Garcia’s behavior has raised concerns about his mental health. Those around him have given conflicting narratives. Garcia’s ex-wife, Andrea Celina, urged boxing fans to pray for him, while Garcia’s father, Henry Garcia, reassured fans his son was fine. Garcia is talking a big game. He promised to do something similar against Gervonta Davis before getting stopped in round seven. But this time around, can he deliver?


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