Garcia vs. Easter Live Results

In what may be the biggest lightweight fight in years for boxing, WBC champion Mikey Garcia and IBF champion Robert Easter Jr. will collide in a title unification bout of undefeated fighters at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

This will be Garcia’s first defense of the WBC 135-pound title, and his first bout in the weight division since winning the title in January 2017 with a third-round knockout over Dejan Zlaticanin. It’s also the Californian’s first bout in his home state since 2011. The 38-0 fighter last competed in March, defeating Sergey Lipinets for the IBF and lineal light welterweight titles.

This will be Easter Jr,’s fourth defense of the IBF title since winning it in September 2016. In his most recent bout, Easter defeated Javier Fortuna via split decision back in January. Now, the 21-0 fighter must face his toughest test to date.

(WBC champion) Mikey Garcia vs. (IBF champion) Robert Easter Jr.: Lightweight Title Unification Bout

Round 1: Easter comes out working the jab and distance, throwing 15 punches in the first 40 seconds of the fight. Garcia lands the jab. Easter throws a couple of left jabs, which Garcia answers. Three more left hands thrown by Easter. Garcia will the left. Body shot and left hook by Easter. Garcia throws a little and backs Easter up. Uppercut missed by Easter. Combination thrown by Easter. Combination by Garcia.

Round 2: Easter throwing more jabs at the start of the second, followed by a couple of body shots. Garcia comes in on the attack, narrowly missing with the right hand. Strong left hand missed by Garcia. Easter still trying to keep distance, throws a nice right. Garcia comes in on the attack, getting Easter along the ropes and throwing punches, though not damaging the IBF champion much. Left hand from Garcia, followed by a combination. Jab from Easter.

Round 3: Easter immediately back to working the jab. Garcia gets back onto the attack but the two get caught in the clinch. Easter feints, trying to keep the WBC champ away. Garcia throws a combination, which Easter responds to by catching Garcia with a left hook. Weak right hook to the head by Garcia, followed by a strong left hook. Easter misses the two-punch combo to the body, and Garcia makes him pay with a right hook that sends Easter crashing to the canvas. Easter gets up, but Garcia attacks until the bell.

Round 4: Garcia not attacking as much as he did, still being patient with his punches. However, he’s feinting more now, and the control has definitely gone into his favor. The two throw the same amount of jabs in the first minute. Garcia lands a couple of nice shots, followed by a short jab. Easter attempting to counterpunch but can’t land anything major. Left hook to the body by Garcia, with Easter’s back to the ropes, and Garcia makes him eat a small flurry before he gets off them.

Round 5: Easter throws a couple of jabs. Easter throws a right. The two meeting in the center of the ring. Garcia throws a couple of lefts. Garcia throws a couple of lefts before a pause from an accidental headbutt. Easter trying to attack the body, though he manages to land a hard shot upstairs. Uppercut by Garcia. Both men now working the left jab. Combination blocked by Easter. Easter throws a sharp jab. Garcia misses the uppercut. Close round.

Round 6: Easter throws a couple of left jabs. Garcia works the jab. Easter misses with two lefts before throwing the right. Easter lands a jab. Garcia lands a left hook, which is answered by Easter with a shot to the head of his own. Left hook from Garcia hits Easter’s jaw. Clinch. Easter working the jab once more, not working much else. Garcia lands a combination, getting Easter onto the ropes. Right hand to the body by Garcia. Easter manages to escape and comes out undamaged as the bell sounds.

Round 7: Combination thrown by Easter. Easter continuing to work the jab, while Garcia throws just two punches in the first minute. Both miss a shot. Garcia working a combination of hooks and an uppercut. Jab by Easter. Jab-led combination by Garcia that shook up Easter a bit. Right uppercut by Easter lands. Garcia’s combination is all blocked, but he manages to land a follow-up hook.

Round 8: Yet again, Easter works the jab before he lands with two of them and follows up with a right. Right hand missed by Easter. Easter lands a counter jab. Three missed left jabs. Left jab landed by Garcia, who’s trying to hunt down Easter and cut off the ring. Garcia looking a bit frustrated. Garcia throws a weak left body shot. Combination thrown by Garcia. Garcia lands a right to the head and follows it up by throwing a combination. Left hook landed by Garcia, but Easter escapes him yet again.

Round 9: Garcia begins to work the body. Garcia manages to get Easter on the ropes, and once again Easter defends against Garcia’s attack successfully. Left hook by Easter. The two exchange in the middle of the round. Combination thrown by Garcia, followed by a countershot from Easter. The two trade away, and it looks like Garcia may have finally broken through Easter’s reach advantage. Now Garcia is working the jab and following it up. Left hook to the body by Garcia, followed by a right. Two-punch combo forces Easter back. Garcia is definitely in control of this fight now, as he backs Easter up to the ropes before the bell.

Round 10: Garcia once again lands a couple of shots that force Easter into retreat. Easter returns to the jab. The two clinch up and are separated. Garcia misses a couple of body shots. Garcia tagged at the body before throwing upstairs. Garcia backs Easter to the ropes and gets in a couple of shots, though he is still struggling to break through Easter’s peek-a-boo guard in some shots.

Round 11: Jab to the body by Easter. Two-punch combo landed by Garcia. Jab by Garcia. Easter just moving around the ring, not throwing much. Garcia splits Easter’s guard and lands two punches. Garcia gets Easter back to the ropes once more and he is really pressuring the defending IBF champ. Two-punch combo again by Garcia. Easter cannot seem to get anything going anymore. Garcia lands another combination before Easter finally lands a shot.

Round 12: Combination by Garcia, who is continuing to force Easter into retreat. Easter weakly throwing up his left jab. Garcia lands a right hand to the head before a clinch. Counter left hand by Easter. Combination from Garcia that rocks Easter. Counter left hook by Easter. Easter clinches. Garcia gets Easter to the ropes yet again but a clinch occurs before much damage could be done. Garcia throwing a flurry that is Easter ducks away from.

Official Decision: Mikey Garcia def. Robert Easter Jr. via unanimous decision (116-111, 117-110, 118-109)

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