Garcia’s ‘High As F**k’ Comment Sparks Controversy; Haney To Boycott Second Presser

Ryan Garcia has caused a huge stir after he allegedly told a fan he was ‘high as f**k’ during a Live Space interaction.

Garcia is preparing for the biggest fight of his career as he faces the two-division world champion Devin Haney for his WBC Junior Welterweight Title on April 20. Both boxers had their first kickoff presser at the Palladium Times Square in New York on February 27. After the presser, Haney controversially claimed Garcia was ‘drunk as a skunk.’

The following clip does not help Garcia’s cause, as it was the day before his second kickoff presser at the AVALON Hollywood, Las Vegas. In the clip, Garcia was asked how his training was going. The boxer appeared slightly slurred in speech.

Garcia appeared to say the following comments: “Amazing bro. Looking good, training good. I’m laughing because I’m high as f**k.’ [Next], I’m gonna beat Sean O’Malley’s a** in MMA. I never let a rainbow-haired dude beat me in real life.”

Haney has responded to the clip by saying he won’t turn up at the second presser, given Garcia’s lack of respect ahead of their fight.

Since has since then admitted he has been drinking and smoking weed. However, the boxer was not worried at all.

“Bro, I know so many of the top athletes in the world, that they would do crazier s**t than me and be the best in the world. I’m not a dry snitch so I won’t say nothing. At the end of the day I don’t do s**t. I box, smoke weed and drink, and I’m the best.

“At the end of the day you’ve got business, entertainment, and it’s all a show but this is the most truthful show in the world. I can f**k around but if I’m not training I’m going to get f***ed up. The difference is I’m training everyday,” Garcia stated


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