Gary Russell Jr Lays Out Plans If He Ever Returns To Boxing

A defeat in January to Mark Magsayo isn’t the only thing that Gary Russell Jr is recovering from.

Russell, one of the top-ranked featherweight contenders, said he did what he thought he could do.

“I didn’t know exactly what the injury was when I competed but it was already injured two weeks before the fight in sparring,” Russell told The Ring.

“I put it in a sling myself for two weeks and still competed. It got worse in the fight when I attempted to throw it. I tore the tendon that was connected to my rotor cuff.

“I felt like Mark was not good enough. Even with me having one hand, he still wasn’t able to do anything with me. My skill set was that much superior. Mark didn’t beat me at all, they took my title from me. I should still be the WBC champion. I did whatever I wanted with Mark, with one hand.”

Russell lost to Magsayo by majority decision. Before his first defeat, Russell was one of the longest reigning champions.

The former champion got surgery on his shoulder on April 1, but still feels that there’s a long way to go.

“As far as my everyday activities it’s about 40, 45 percent. As far as boxing wise, it feels better, I can jab, I can punch with it but I’m not comfortable with it at all.”

“… If I come back, if my arm comes back to the point where I can compete on the level that I would want,” he said.

“I was pretty much done with 126 anyway. Would I want the title back? Nah. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I want the same people I always want to compete against. If I come back, I would love Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis be

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