Gary Russell Jr. Wants To Have A Rematch With Mark Magsayo

Mark Magsayo clinched the W and ended Gary Russell Jr’s six-year reign as the WBC featherweight champion.

The final scoreboard may have favored the “Magnifico,” but many believed Russell had a moral victory over Magsayo. The American boxer won the hearts of his followers as he fought most of his fight with only one arm.

Russell was able to manage only 27 punches per round, much less than his average of 72 punches. However, throughout the fight, he barely got hit.

The turning point in the fight came in the fourth round when Russell was seen shaking his right shoulder as if it was bothering him. He was then forced to fight with one arm till the eighth round.

“I think I proved how much better I am fighting with one arm,” Russell said. He’s currently waiting for a diagnosis on his injured shoulder.

“I hurt my arm hitting him in the head in the fourth round. He didn’t do anything to hurt me. People, I felt, saw brilliance on January 22. I still say I won that fight—with one arm. I hurt my arm two weeks before the fight.”

Russel is planning a great comeback once he recovers and wants to fight Magsayo once again.

“I didn’t know that. This is supposed to be about being hit, and not getting hit. “I want another shot against him, depending on how injured my shoulder is. I know I was hitting Magsayo, and he wasn’t hitting me.”

“I think I have gained a lot of fans because they saw my heart and my will and fight fans appreciate that.”

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