Gene LeBell wants Ronda Rousey to retire while she’s on top

Despite being arguably the biggest star in her sport, Ronda Rousey hasn’t given any indication on how long she will fight.

Rousey’s longtime family friend and pro wrestling/martial arts legend Judo Gene LeBell hopes that Rousey doesn’t overextend herself in the Octagon.

“I don’t want her hurt by fighting too long,” LeBell told Submission Radio. “And you can be the best in the world and catch a punch or a kick and it can hurt you. I’ve got injuries that, you know, they were over within a couple of days when you’re young. 20 years later, you come back and you’re limping around, ‘oh I remember when I hurt my knee’ and it comes back on you.

“The only initial investment you have is your body. You know, that’s in MMA, Football, Soccer, Basketball. Your body is your initial investment. I recommend all MMA fighters get a second job. In other words, I’ve had people that are real good, and then they can’t make it anymore and they made lots of money, and then they’re out of a job. Have another vocation, another avocation, another job. Something that you can go back on.”

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LeBell thinks that Rousey can have an extremely successful post-MMA career, whether it be in WWE or in film, so that she won’t have to worry about fighting for her keep.

“She could become one and she would be very good, but why? Because she wouldn’t go on the road, and drive from one town to the next to make things. She might do a spot-show once in a while, but it’s better to do movies. ‘Cause in movies, if they play it again, even if you have a small part – like you talk about Rocky. I get residuals. I must have gotten thousands of dollars in residuals from that, and in dollars, American dollars. And once you do wrestling, that’s it. Plus I got life time insurance, which is very important and for me and my family, and that’s a good thing. I love pro wrestling. I wrestled pro on-and-off for 20 years. I love it. It was the way of life. But I think she’s better off doing movies, and I personally would like to see her retire while she’s on top.”

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