George Foreman Names Wilder And Fury As The Hardest Punchers – ‘They Can Hit’

George Foreman has revealed that Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are the most powerful punchers around, even compared to those of his time.

Foreman earned the reputation of being one of the most powerful punchers, as shown by the fact that he became the oldest heavyweight champion ever at 45 years old.

And when Foreman was asked who he would love to face in the current era, this is what he had to say:

“The big heavyweights I see today who can hit hard are Deontay Wilder and of course Tyson Fury.

“I wouldn’t want to fight those big giants, they can hit hard.

“Most of the big guys I fought back in the day, they were just big, they couldn’t hit so hard.

“But, I wouldn’t welcome myself back today at all,” Foreman

Wilder’s power is self-evident as shown through his record. Out of his 46 fights, he has 42 knockouts.

While Fury was not known for being the biggest puncher, he has reinvented himself since teaming up with SugarHill Steward’s ‘Kronk’ style. 

That is why the pair remain at the top of the heavyweight division. And there is not getting away from that.

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