Georges St-Pierre Details Past Offer To Fight Floyd Mayweather In Mixed Rules Bout

Following his final competitive appearance in 2017, Georges St-Pierre received many offers to make a comeback to fighting, one even put him in a position to fight undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

St-Pierre stepped away from MMA after one final main event appearance versus Michael Bisping, in which “Rush” secured the middleweight championship at UFC 217, becoming a two-division champion. Likewise, Floyd Mayweather retired from professional boxing in 2017, following his highly publicized stoppage victory over Conor McGregor.

In a recent interview with Covers, the former king of the UFC’s welterweight division outlined the offer for a mixed rules fight versus Mayweather that he received, but clearly the terms of the bout were not of interest to St-Pierre.

“There was a promoter that wanted to organize [a fight between us]. The way they described it, it was a fair compromise between boxing and MMA.” Georges St-Pierre stated in the interview, revealing that he was once approached about a fight with Floyd Mayweather. “It was against Floyd Mayweather and I was retired. I was like ‘This one, I’m interested’, and they flew in.”

He continued, “I was in Austin, Texas. He flew in on a private plane, we had a dinner. I asked ‘What’s the deal?’ and he said it was a boxing fight in an octagonal ring. It was like, ‘Okay, but what’s the rules? What’s the compromise?’, Oh it’s an octagonal ring and you’re allowed to do spinning backfists. Well, it’s not really a fair compromise. Allow me to throw me kicks? No, he’ll never accept that. I said, ‘Okay, no kicks above the belt?’ No, that’s never going to work.”

It seems the only advantage that St-Pierre would have been given in the fight is that he could throw back fists, but otherwise this was essentially a boxing match inside a cage. Naturally, the decorated UFC champion would not tarnish his reputation with a bout dictated by one-sided rules, and despite the opportunity to face one of the greatest boxers ever, he turned down the match.

“Allow me to throw him down? ‘Oh, he never wants to go to the floor!’ I’m like, I’m not saying going to the floor. I’m saying throw him down, take him down, and we stand back up. He’s like ‘No, no’… [At that point] forget it.” Georges St-Pierre concluded. “It’s a trap, I’m not that stupid… It didn’t work.”

While “Rush” is adamant that he is now retired from MMA, he was in talks to compete in a Submission Grappling match last year at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational. Unfortunately, this enticing opportunity to see one of the best ever in a competitive setting was cancelled due to an injury. But, St-Pierre wound up commentating the event instead, and his involvement in the business keeps fans hopeful that he will be on the scene for years to come.

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