Gervonta Davis Delivers Nasty Left Hook To Secure TKO Victory Over Rolando Romero

In tonight’s main event in Brooklyn, Gervonta “Tank” Davis has once again defended his WBA lightweight title. This time, the champion was able to produce a vicious TKO in round-6 of the highly anticipated grudge match with Rolando Romero.

Both fighters took a chess match like approach to start out, but by the midway point of the second round, both were swinging with bad intentions. Romero was pressing forward in an attempt to move the fight to the ropes, but Davis made him pay for this as he unleashed a hard left hand that backed his opponent up and appeared to make him begin to respect the power.

In the third round, Davis continued to connect with the left hand, this caused Romero to rethink the forward pressure, resulting in a significant decrease in activity from the challenger. During this time, Gervonta was clearly becoming more comfortable in the ring as he began to trash-talk and take control of the action.

Through rounds four and five, Davis displayed excellent defensive movement followed by counter shots that made Romero regret stepping into the strike zone with so much confidence. With frustration increasing, Romero began initiating the clinch much more often and delivering subtle elbows, an action that prompted a very well deserved warning from referee Davis Fields.

In the sixth round, Davis came out working the left very nicely along with supreme defensive head movement. Throughout the fight, Romero had been throwing sloppy hooks to the body, leaving his head wide open to get countered, it appeared Davis noticed this and decided that would be a prime situation to capitalize upon.

While Davis moved backwards towards the ropes to bait his opponent in, Romero stepped in and unloaded a looping hook to the body. The trap was set, and Davis reacted perfectly with a powerful left hook that connected clean to the jaw of Romero. The challenger fell face-first into the ropes, then dropped to the canvas.

Romero was able to rise to his feet, but he was in no condition to continue the match, and the referee noticed this almost immediately. The fight was stopped at 2:39 of the sixth round and Davis was declared the winner by way of TKO.

During the post-fight interview, Davis was extremely respectful following the dramatic stoppage. He set the trash-talk aside and wished Romero the best. As a veteran of the game, “Tank” understands that Romero’s insults in the build-up to the fight were just an extra effort to increase PPV sales.

Through this bout, Davis added a 27th win to his undefeated record, and achieved his 25th win by stoppage. Meanwhile, Romero experienced the first loss in his 15 fight career.

Official Result: Gervonta Davis def. Rolando Romero via TKO (Left Hook) – Round 6, 2:39


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