Gervonta Davis’ Trainer Calvin Ford In Police Custody On Assault Charges

Calvin FordGervonta Davis‘ trainer, is presently in police custody. 

According to the Baltimore Banner, Ford was arrested on December 29, 2023, after leaving the Upton Boxing Gym in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ford is wanted on two charges of ‘assault with a deadly weapon’ that happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. An arrest warrant was issued in Nevada on October 16, 2023. Now, Ford is waiting to be transferred to the state. Davis’ other trainer, Kenny Ellis, had this to say. 

“Coach Calvin ain’t the type of guy that out here getting in a bunch of drama. I can’t stress it enough, Calvin is innocent. He didn’t do nothing wrong,” Ellis said

The news follows Davis’ recent arrest for violating the terms of his house arrest over a hit-and-run incident. Davis was required to stay at Ford’s house but was found to have left without telling the authorities. The news of Ford’s arrest throws Davis’ preparation for his next fight into doubt. Following PBC’s deal with Amazon Prime Video, Davis is contention to headline the first PPV. Ford’s arrest may change that, as boxing fans had plenty to say.



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