Gervonta Davis Vs. Ryan Garcia In Doubt As Dispute Emerges Over Rematch Clause

The Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia fight is currently in doubt due to a disagreement between which promoters and networks should stage a possible rematch. 

The fight, which arguably could break pay-per-view records, was a ‘done deal’ according to reports last year.

Despite already coming to a mutual understanding on all the financial aspects, the catchweight, date, and location for their potential showdown, the contracts for the fight have yet to be finalized, and it is now in danger of not happening.

A rematch clause had been agreed upon that would be advantageous to Davis, allowing him a second fight in the event that Garcia won the first. Yet, a disagreement has now arisen over who would host the rematch if it came to pass.

The major sticking point here is this: Davis is looked after by Al Haymon’s PBC, and his fights are aired on Showtime. Garcia is promoted by Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy, and his events are streamed on DAZN.

Garcia and his team gave consent for him to compete on a show promoted by PBC and broadcasted by Showtime pay-per-view, as well as being available on DAZN.

ESPN, however, reported that should Garcia be victorious and a rematch becomes a reality, his team is of the opinion that the second bout should be held and aired on the DAZN PPV platform by them. 

Davis’ camp reportedly disagrees and believes that a possible rematch should still be organized by them and remain on Showtime.

In his comments to ESPN, a frustrated Oscar De La Hoya said: We’re literally down at the one-yard line. What’s holding everything up is the rematch clause. It’s only fair if Ryan wins, then our side controls everything as the A-side. This is just the way it always has been…It’s common sense that whoever wins is the A-side. That’s the bottom line. We’re not reinventing the wheel here.”

This is the last thing that fans expected to hear, having seen this with Floyd Mayweather’s fight against Manny Pacquiao, which was well over due. And as a Davis-Garcia fight is clearly the biggest one out there, fans have not taken this well.

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