Gervonta Davis Wants To Fight Again This Year – Says Stephen Espinoza

Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza has revealed that Gervonta Davis could fight in 2023. 

Davis has not fought since his win over Ryan Garcia in April when Tank became the ‘face of boxing’ with a seventh-round TKO win.

However, Davis’ life since then had taken a turn for the worse. The boxer was placed under house arrest for 90 days, three years of probation and 200 hours of community service over a hit-and-run incident.

Davis had been required to stay at Calvin Ford’s (his trainer) home. However, he breached those terms, staying at the ‘Four Seasons’ hotel without the knowledge of the authorities. 

Thereafter, Davis served the remainder of his house arrest in prison. Now that he is out, Espinoza admitted that Tank’s mindset is to get back to the ring as soon as possible. 

“I think it’s a little bit premature. I heard Colbert say maybe 130 or maybe 135, so nothing’s been determined. Tank is just out, just starting to get back into the gym. I do expect to see him this weekend.

“I do expect him to attend the fight, but we really haven’t engaged in those discussions yet, so everything’s open. All bets are available.

“All fights are available. Isaac Cruz a possibility for Tank I think it’s an option, and I think it’s an interesting one because of Isaac’s [Cruz] style and the fact that neither one of those guys was completely satisfied with how the first fight went,” Espinoza 

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