Gesta: Gameplan, Power, And Family Key To Beating Linares

Mercito Gesta feels confident heading into Saturday night’s title collision with Jorge Linares.

And while part of the reason is his trainer Freddie Roach claiming he’s a more powerful puncher than Linares.  Gesta talking exclusively with FIGHT SPORTS,  said his camp and gameplan is a huge reason for the most confidence he’s had as a pro.

“I believe that I am a better puncher than Linares, and we definitely have the gameplan and conditioning to beat Linares.”

That confidence is instilled even further by working with Freddie Roach, and from the support of his loving family.

From Gesta’s Twitter page: “After my morning run, time to practice with my Dad”

Much like his opponent on Saturday night, Jorge Linares. Mercito Gesta learned how to fight from his father, who was a muay thai fighter and kickboxer in their native Philippines. Later in life, the elder Gesta switched to boxing, and passed along those tools to a young Mercito.

“I owe everything to my dad, he’s the one who taught me everything I know… I’m grateful that I have a family that was able to teach me how to be a good person.”

And while he learned to be a fighter from his dad, Gesta’s mother was there to help with love and moral support. She also made sure her son putting in the effort.

“She’s very supportive, she’s telling me to go train, to run, she’s a hardcore mom.”


With the help of his family and his team, Gesta has found a better “balance” in his life. Gesta feels he is in a much better place than his first title fight in five years.  His most recent title fight doubled as his most recent loss, as he took a unanimous decision loss to IBF lightweight title holder Miguel Vasquez in 2012.

Gesta credits his team and his family for getting him back into title contention, especially since he told FIGHT SPORTS, that he was considering retirement following the Vasquez fight.

“I owe my team a lot, I was thinking it was time to hang it up.”

With the fight days away, there was a definite fire and passion coming from the challenger. As he talked with excitement in his voice, he made it clear that we’ve not seen the last of him.

“I feel energetic, I feel new again, and I remembered my passion and I love fighting now more than ever.”

Mercito Gesta may be known as “no mercy,” but due to the mercy and compassion of his family, he’s 12 rounds away from being a champion.




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