GGG “Bored” By Canelo-Chavez

Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin was ringside for Canelo Alvarez’s fight with Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. All things considered, he was surely rooting for Canelo — in order for his super-fight with Canelo to be announced, his rival would have to defeat Chavez first.

While Golovkin was happy with the result, he admitted to being disappointed in the uneventful main event bout. Chavez received a ton of criticism for his perceived lack of effort in the fight, as he was outclassed thoroughly and rarely attempted to use his size against the smaller Canelo.

Golovkin, however, said that Canelo deserved some blame as well for not seeking a knockout.

“[Saturday] was a little boring, like sparring. Canelo doesn’t want [to finish],” Golovkin said to the Los Angeles Times. “That’s not good for the people. A lot of people bought tickets and the pay-per-view. For what? For a show. Everybody likes drama, like my knockouts. If I see I can beat them, I do.”

The last time Golovkin was invited to the ring with Canelo, it was after Canelo had knocked Amir Khan out cold last year. The Mexican star had called out GGG with a boisterous challenge, but the fight never came to fruition in 2016. Now that the deal is set and Golovkin and Canelo were facing off as confirmed future opponents, GGG said he had expected Canelo to win more emphatically and issue another confident callout.

“I watch boxing closely. I knew Canelo was going to beat Chavez easy, and I thought he was going to get up there after what he did last year and make another scene, say something like, ‘I did this to Chavez, and I’ll do the same thing to you, Triple-G.’"

The fight, which has been years in the making, will take place on September 16. The venue for the fight has yet to be decided on.

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