GGG-Jacobs Needs To Be Finalized Within 7 Days

Before he gets to fight Canelo Alvarez in September of 2017, GGG needs to decide who his next opponent will be. The negotiations to a middleweight fight between Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs has been going on for too long. But it appears the WBA is now seeking to officially speed up the process by ordering a seven day deadline for the sides to come to an agreement, as reported by RingTV. The one caveat here is that is wasn’t made clear if the WBA would immediately order a purse bid once the deadline hits.

Both Golovkin and Jacobs have been in talks to stage a fight since Golovkin dispatched Kell Brook in early September. Golovkin currently holds the IBF, WBC, and the WBA’s “super” middleweight title, while Jacobs holds the WBA’s “regular” title.

The WBA had already pushed back previous purse bids for this fight to give both Golovkin and Jacobs time to come to terms on their own, but it appears they are now trying to prod them into finalizing.

Tom Loeffler, who promotes Golovkin, remains steadfast in his belief that the sides will hash out a deal before a purse bid becomes necessary.

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