GGG-Sanchez Part Ways, Sanchez Blames GGG’s Greed

A relationship that began nine years ago with Abel Sanchez picking up a young Gennady Golovkin from Los Angeles International Airport, ended on Wednesday.

Golovkin, who had suffered his first professional loss in September of 2018, announced that he parted ways with his longtime trainer, friend, and adviser.

The former unified middleweight champion has made serious changes to his business structure since the loss to Alvarez, taking more control of his career and business interests, hiring new lawyers and developing his own GGG Promotions brand.

Following a nine-figure contract with DAZN, Golovkin signed to fight Steve Rolls on June 8th at MAdison Square Garden, a fight he hopes will lead to a rematch with Canelo Alvarez this fall.

“I would like to announce that I have made a major decision for myself and for my career,” Golovkin said in a statement. “I want to build on what I have already achieved and continue to better myself. Therefore, I will not be training with Abel Sanchez. This was not an easy decision for me and it is not a reflection on Abel’s professional abilities. He is a great trainer, a loyal trainer, and a Hall of Fame trainer.

“I will be announcing my new trainer at a later date. But today, I want to thank Abel for the lessons he taught me in boxing.”

Never known to hold his tongue, Sanchez blasted his once star-pupil, telling ESPN that greed broke up a nearly decade long partnership.

“Greedy and ungrateful,” Sanchez told ESPN. “He just signed a $100 million contract [with DAZN] and all of a sudden you have to make drastic steps because you don’t have enough money? I feel for the morals and scruples of somebody like that. It’s all over money.

“I wouldn’t take what they were trying to insult me with. It’s very disappointing because I never would’ve guessed that this young man would do that. I thought this young man had more scruples, more morals, a better upbringing. I never thought it would corrupt him like that. I was blindsided, really.”

In a short and succinct statement, Sanchez reinforced his comments to ESPN, stating:

“FYI, as of today I will no longer be working with Gennady Golovkin, after a great nine year run, records set, and equaled, developing a Hall of Fame career and making it possible to sign a six fight #100 million contract with DAZN, he proposed and insisted on an insulting new trainer compensation schedule, my dignity and honor does not allow me to be screwed like that, it’s unfortunate being greedy, being ungrateful and no ethics, honor or integrity will end this relationship.”



This tone from Sanchez is different than the man who spoke with FIGHT SPORTS prior to Golovkin’s 2017 draw with Canelo Alvarez.

From Shadows to Spotlight: The Rise of ‘GGG’


Speaking of seeing Golovkin for the first time, Sanchez was stunned at the ability of the young fighter training in Germany, needing to spread the word of the then 28-year old.

“During those two months, I kept talking to my friends about this guy that came to my gym,” Sanchez recalls. “What a great fighter he was…I just kept bragging about him being in my gym and possibly coming back to train with me.”

Now, after months of rumors that had Golovkin parting ways with both Sanchez and promoter Tom Loeffler, Sanchez is the one who sees himself out of one of the biggest jobs in boxing,

“I think we accomplished a lot of great things,” Sanchez said to the World Wide Leader.

“I think that unfortunately money corrupts, and in this case money was more important than a relationship, a great legacy and history. But I have to go on. I have other kids in my gym that depend on me. We’ll go from here.”

Quotes: ESPN

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