GGG vs. Jacobs Off Until 2017

Gennady Golovkin was expected to return this December against Danny Jacobs, but the fight will not happen this year. While the two sides continue to negotiate, terms could not be met in time for the teams to go ahead with the planned Dec. 10 date.

Speaking with The LA Times, Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler said the fight will likely take place in February or March.

“Negotiations are taking longer than we anticipated and a fight of this magnitude needs a longer promotional schedule than we’d get if we tried to keep it on Dec. 10,” Loeffler said.

The two teams will look to finalize a deal, which has been a tricky process due to the Jacobs camp’s dissatisfaction with the financial split. The WBA policy says that the "super champion", in the case Golokvin, shall take a 75% purse split while the "world" champion, Jacobs, gets 25%.

Jacobs’ team has been trying to get that split closer to 60-40%. Last week, the WBA rejected that requests in favor of maintaining their 75-25% policy.

According to Jacobs’ trainer Andre Rozier, in an interview with RingTV, the fight is being delayed because Jacobs would not have enough time to go through a full training camp.

“From my fighter’s point of view, it’s not going to happen. We haven’t really even started to gear up (for training) and we’re talking about six weeks to get it all together. Honestly, from my standpoint, I wouldn’t let him fight on Dec. 10. That’s just the bottom line. I would tell them we’re not fighting Dec. 10. It’s not enough time to prepare.”

With the fight against Jacobs delayed, 2016 will be the first year since 2012 that Golovkin has not competed at least three times. The 34-year-old will look to have a big 2017 if he can finally secure the long-awaited fight with Canelo Alvarez. But if recent history is any example, boxing fans should not hold their breaths.

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