Ghajji Gets Revenge, Title Back

When Bellator Kickboxing was last in Budapest, Hungary — back in September for Bellator Kickboxing 3 — Zoltan Laszak defeated Karim Ghajji to become the new, and second-ever, Bellator Kickboxing welterweight champion.

About seven months later, Bellator Kickboxing 6 was held in the same area. There, in the main event, Ghajji got revenge. Ghajji defeated Laszak via split decision to win back the welterweight championship.

Ghajji came right out of the gate with low kicks, while Laszak looked to focus his attack on top with punches. Ghajji with another low kick, but Laszak comes through with several hard shots and a knee to the stomach. Laszak with a high kick that barely connects, but Ghajji fired back. Laszak fired a high kick, but Ghajji threw several knees while being brought backwards by the champion. Both men scored their fair amount of shots in the last minute. Laszak got in a few body shots in the closing seconds of the first.

Ghajji fired away with multiple shots to start off the second round. Laszak blocked most shots, but got nailed with a hard shot from Ghajji, however. Ghajji barely missed a big kick that could have been bad for the champion. Ghajji, however, seemed to be dealing with something in his eye. Laszak came in with a hard combination to the stomach, followed by a few more shots to the same area. Ghajji nailed the champion with a hard right hand, following it up with a combination an a knee.

Laszak throws a three-punch combo himself, and the challenger answered with a knee to the head. Laszak landed another three-punch combo. Ghajji blocked a kick attempt, while Laszak threw up his guard for several Ghajji punches as the second round came to an end.

Ghajji throws a high kick to open the third, but Laszak continued to throw hard combination after hard combination, follow up with what seemed to work in the second. Both fighters briefly traded blows before the former champion found his range and started to hurt Laszak with several shots. Both men fired knees and punches with about a minute let to go in the round. The intensity seemed to pick up even more. Laszak attempted a spinning backfist with about 30 seconds left but nearly got hurt by Ghajji on the counter.

Laszak definitely landed more of the significant shots in the first 30 seconds of the fourth round, but Ghajji ended up coming back with a couple of knees and a few more punches to fire back. Laszak goes back to boxing, while Ghajji seemed to retreat to a kick-heavy offense. Ghajji hits a knee and follows up with a right. Laszak lands yet another three punches before the two traded low kicks. Both men traded knees. The legs on both fighters are looking bruised and purple from all the kicks.

Both men came out firing, trading kicks and punch combinations to open up the final round. To some kickboxing commentators, this looked to be the round to decide it all. Ghajji lands a right hand. Laszak goes down, but it’s from a slip. The pace began to slow down a little, before both men begin to fire back, trading punches and control of the fight. With about a minute to go, Laszak landed a right hand before the two clinched up and fired away. Ghajji got Laszak into a corner and fired away with several shots. Ghajji landed a knee with Laszak’s back to the ropes as well.

As the final seconds ticked off, both fighters landed heavy shot after heavy shot.

The judges’ scores were all over the place, with one giving the bout to Laszak 49-46, but another gave it to Ghajji with a score of 50-45. The final judge scored it close, 48-47, giving Ghajji the title back and making him the first two-time champion.

In other Bellator Kickboxing action, Joe Schilling put on quite the performance in the co-main event, defeating Alexander Negrea via unanimous decision. Former GLORY champion Gabriel Varga made his debut in the opening bout of the card, losing to Gabor Gorbics via split decision.

Bellator Kickboxing 6 Official Results:
Bellator Kickboxing Welterweight Championship: Karim Ghajji def. (c.) Zoltan Laszak via split decision (46-49, 50-45, 48-47)
Middleweight: Joe Schilling def. Alexander Negrea via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Welterweight: Raymond Daniels def. Gyorfi Csaba via KO (Rd. 3, 0:37)
Featherweight: Joriana Baars def. Irene Martins via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)
Featherweight: Gabor Gorbics def. Gabriel Varga via split decision (29-28, 28-30, 29-28)

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