Gilbert Burns’ Devastating Shoulder Injury – Here’s What We Know

UFC fans were left in shock during the co-main event of UFC 288 as Gilbert Burns suffered a devastating shoulder injury during his fight against Belal Muhammad.

Despite his best efforts, Burns couldn’t move as he normally does, and his body language hinted that something was amiss. It was later revealed that a shoulder injury significantly hindered his movement.

In an exclusive interview posted on his YouTube channel, Burns spoke candidly about the extent of his injury and how it affected his performance.

He admitted that he was in immense pain throughout the fight and struggled to execute his strategy. But don’t count Burns out just yet.

Despite his setback, he remains determined to bounce back and prove himself as one of the best in the UFC. He thanked his fans for their support and promised to come back stronger than ever. 

“I have AC joint torn, but it’s a second or third grade so it’s not that bad. I have the deltoid torn, I have on the trapeze, I have a muscle torn, I sprain my C4 and my C5. Nothing major, thank god I don’t need surgery, I’m thinking more a strong anti-inflammatory.

“It was hard. I was just trying to figure it out, what I could do. It was a battle. The amount of work I put in to get this fight, and the amount of work I put in period.”

“A lot of things were going through my mind like, s***, can I fight like that, let’s find a way, let’s try this, it didn’t work that. Let’s try that, it didn’t work.”

“Henry was the one that kept me going. I thought about quitting many times. I didn’t quit, but I thought about it. It was that mental battle. I was even listening to his corner a lot.

“There was something in me that was like, no way, there’s no way this guy is gonna finish me,” Burns

Stay tuned for more updates on Gilbert Burns and his road to recovery. The UFC world can’t wait to see what he does next!

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