Glory Collision 4 Fight Card Cost

Co-Founder of Glory Kickboxing Tweets About Collision 4 Cost

Hari punches Overeem to the body
Badr Hari with a perfect body shot to Alistair Overeem. Photo credit: Glory Kickboxing.


Scott Rudmann just tweeted the total cost of the Glory Collision 4 fight card cost – i.e. the total amount of money paid out to the athletes fighting on the event.

Rudmann is the co-founder of Glory Sports International and serves as its Vice Chairman. He is often seen during Glory Kickboxing’s events giving his thoughts and analysis of the fights.

Most people in the sport speculate that Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem probably took the majority of the money due to their status as superstars.

It’s an interesting move for Glory Kickboxing to reveal the numbers, and will be interesting to see if they will start releasing actual fighter pay-out / fighter purses in the future, as we’ve come to know it from the UFC.


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