GLORY: What Are The Top Five Heavyweight Head Kick Shots?

When heavyweights hit, they hit hard. That is the case in MMA, boxing and even kickboxing. Regarding the latter, sometimes they will surprise you with head kicks that take opponents out of commission. Which one has been your favorite over the years?

Via GLORY Kickboxing, the above video highlights some of the top knockouts via head kick in heavyweight kickboxing today. Some examples include:

  • Mladen Brestovac taking out Hesdy Gerges in the first round at GLORY 45
  • Guto Inocente impressing with a vicious shot at GLORY 27 in Chicago against Demoreo Dennis
  • Remy Bonjasky with an impressive flying kick that took his opponent down the ground right away
  • Benny Adegbuyi inflicting enough damage that Jahfarr Wilnis was dangling through the ropes
  • Badr Hari utilizing a spinning kick early on in his fight.
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