GLORY’s Meksen: ‘Health Comes Before Sport’

Kickboxing has been impacted a great deal from the lack of events via the coronavirus. Some of the sport’s biggest stars have not been able to showcase what they are able to do. Sometimes, however, it is good to be patient for the long run. That is how GLORY’s Anissa Meksen feels about the situation.

The current GLORY Super-Bantamweight Champion, Meksen (99-4) has been training hard at home with her husband. Speaking with Combat Press, the 31-year-old from France is hoping for a fight soon, but isn’t rushing for one right away. She is keeping an eye out for good news regarding the coronavirus situation.

“I think that health comes before sport,” Meksen stated, especially when talking about K-1 holding an event. “So, we must all be careful and avoid contact with people.”

Meksen reclaimed the Super-Bantamweight Championship from Jady Menezes via TKO at GLORY 61 in New York. It was a rematch from their bout at GLORY 56 in which Menezes won via split decision.  Since then. she beat Tiffany van Soest via split decision and Sofia Olofsson this past June via TKO.

With reports of van Soest challenging her again, Meksen is ready for the challenge.

“The logic would like Tiffany to be next,” Meksen went on to say. “After I beat her in Strasbourg, [France], she only added a mediocre victory [over Sofia Olofsson] to fight me again. If this fight must be done, let’s do it! I’m hoping that the conditions are good this time and that the referee reads the rules before the fight.”

Even with the coronavirus, sports like MMA and pro wrestling have been putting on events in empty arena’s. If conditions were safe to do so, GLORY could end up doing the same. Would Meksen be a part of the shows if that were to happen?

“Of course! But it’s impossible, because nobody can travel,” Meksen said. “Why not make a fight in a video conference?”

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