Glover Teixeira And Jiri Prochazka Could Meet Next In The Octagon

Glover Teixeira is the oldest champion in UFC history. He dethroned Jan Blachowicz and became the undisputed UFC light heavyweight titleholder.

At the age of 42, he earned a second-round submission victory against Blachowicz, the legendary Polish power. Now, after making the dream to reality, he’s named who he’s taking on next — Jiri Prochazka.

“Yeah I think so (Jiri is next). For me, it doesn’t matter. I’m a fighter, I’m always a fighter,” he said.

“I always wanted to fight the champion, now I”m fighting whoever is coming my way. Jiri is supposed to be the next guy, he was there cutting weight and getting ready for the title, and is supposed to be the next guy.”

It was the second opportunity for Brazilian to win the UFC light heavyweight title. In his first attempt, he suffered a loss against legendary fighter Jon Jones.

Teixeira said he has a “minor injury” in his shoulder. He was medically suspended for potentially six months, but the champion thinks he’ll be back in April or May.

Still, he can’t over his victory.

“When the announcer was announcing my name, I was looking at the ground, looking at the blood. I’m a bleeder myself, and I was like, ‘We are going to contribute to this blood in here, because this is going to be a war,” he said.

“I’m ready for whatever comes in this cage. It’s a man across the Octagon with me, and I have to beat him. I’ll be world champion tonight.”

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