Golovkin Wants To “Punish” Canelo

During a conference call just over a week until fight night, Gennady Golovkin told reporters that he wants to “punish” Canelo Alvarez for the issues over the past six months.

“I want to punish him,” Golovkin said during a conference call, according to his translator. “I want to have a fight and punish him for all the bad things that he and his team have done – to size him down and put them in their place.”

Golovkin’s trainer, Abel Sanchez, is not concerned with his fighter’s emotions heading into his highly anticipated rematch against Alvarez on September 15th, but it will be channeled effectively/

“He’s not angry,” Sanchez said later during the conference call. “He’s got a purpose in the gym and he’s got a purpose of what he wants to do inside the ring. Canelo’s done some things that he feels he needs to pay for, and he’ll do that in the ring. In the gym, it’s just another day training in the gym. He’s the same guy that he was before. He trains hard. Just his mentality for this fight seems to be very, very focused on trying to punish Canelo, as he was when he fought [Curtis] Stevens. If you recall, when he fought Stevens, he was like that, too. He has the same mentality.”

Stevens talked trash to the boxer before they faced off at November 2013, going as far to claim he’d put Golovkin in a coffin and stage a funeral, which would lead Golovkin to stop Stevens in the eighth round due to Steven’s trainer stops the fight.


Transcribed: Boxing Scene

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