Gomez Claims GGG Is Scared Of Canelo

On Thursday, Gennady Golovkin claimed that there was only a 10% chance that he’d be fighting Canelo Alvarez, following Alvarez’ suspension for two failed drug tests.

Alvarez, who was set to face Golovkin on May 5th, is eyeing a September return against GGG in a rematch of their first battle in 2017.

Eric Gomez, President of Golden Boy Promotions, told Yahoo Sports that Canelo’s top priority is securing a rematch with Golovkin.

“The Golovkin fight is option No. 1 for Canelo, and we’re going to do everything we can to get that fight made,” Gomez said this week.

“But if Golovkin doesn’t want the fight, we’ll move on and fight a different opponent. Canelo has done everything that has been asked of him and I think he’s proven to the commission and everyone else that he is a clean fighter and these tests were a mistake [and that he ate contaminated meat].”

Golovkin has likened Alvarez and Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya, to terrorists over the issues with clenbuterol, and has been very against  fighting the Mexican superstar anytime soon.

And Gomez believes the comments from GGG are a smokescreen.

“Canelo has been tested more than anybody except for Floyd Mayweather, who is the one who started this voluntary drug testing. I’ll tell you the truth, I think Gennady is scared. He knows what he is facing. Canelo was tough and will be tougher. He remembers those last few rounds when Canelo was taking it to him and I think he’s afraid of getting in there with the younger, faster, stronger fighter. I believe that’s what this is,” Gomez said.


Story: Yahoo Sports

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