Gomez Expects Fireworks Early From Canelo Against GGG

Following comments from Chepo Reynoso regarding a “new and improved” Canelo Alvarez in his rematch against Gennady Golovkin on May 5th, Golden Boy Promotions President Eric Gomez also has high expectations for the popular fighter.

Originally reported by Boxing Scene, Gomez admits that GGG’s camp was correct in regards to Alvarez did a lot of moving in the first fight, but Gomez also feels that he gave too much respect to Golovkin in the early rounds of the fight.

The Golden Boy executive was assured by Alvarez that the fireworks would open up earlier in the fight than the initial showdown in September, 2017.

Canelo has promised his large fanbase that he will not allow Golovkin to finish the contest – he is mentally focused this time on securing a knockout victory.

“I agree, he did move a lot. But it was the first part of the fight… the last three rounds — Canelo stood his ground those last three rounds,” Gomez told the Press Enterprise.

“Also, me personally, I think that Canelo figured him out… he said, ‘Look, I’m going to do a lot of what I did in the last two, three rounds.’ And I think that makes for an even better fight.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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