Grand Sumo Tournament: Hakuho Out Of Top Spot Following Second Loss

It just got extremely interesting at the Grand Sumo Tournament inside Edion Arena Osaka. Hakuho, who was on a roll until suffering his first loss, suffered his second loss of the tournament. As a result, Aoiyama moved into first.

Hakuho (10-2) lost to Shodai after the sekiwake grabbed Hakuho’s belt and forced the yokozuna out of the ring. This was following a failed right-hand slap to disorient his opponent. Aoiyama (11-1), a Bulgarian, beat Mitakeumi with ease and has three days left to secure the top spot.

Shodai (6-6) was relieved to beat one of the top sumo wrestlers in the sport. He is looking to stop Hakuo from extending his Emperor’s Cup record, while also trying to get wins to go above .500 in competition.

“I just have to concentrate hard and do what I need to do,” Shodai stated, via Kyodo News. “I practiced hard before the tournament and want to put that to good use in the remaining three days.”

The tournament was in question due to the coronavirus. Officials managed to salvage the event by closing off the arena to just the competitors and essential personnel. Chiyomaru, who was suffering from a fever, took tests which came back negative for the coronavirus.

Other results of the day:

  • Aoiyama, ranked thirteenth, hit a strong charge at Mitakeumi (9-3). There is now am even bigger race to the top spot, thanks to a win by Aoiyama (11-1).
  • Below Aoiyama in the rankings, Kakuryu (10-2) utilized an overarm throw to take down Endo (6-6).
  • Staying within the race, Sekiwake Asanoyama (10-2) had enough momentum to push Takanosho (9-3) down. He is looking to repeat as champion, which he did in May.
  • Takakeisho is now .500 at 6-6 after utilizing a thrust-down to Ryuden (4-8).
  • Komusubi Hokutofuji (3-9) beat Enho (4-8) via arm-bar force down.
  • Ishiura (8-4) secured an above .500 record by taking down Kotonowaka (7-5).
  • Kaisei (8-4) continues to impress in the top flight, beating Shohozan (2-10). Kaisei is number 14 while Shohozan is number eight.
  • Above Shohozan, number seven Takarafuji (8-4) beat Chiyotairyu (7-5), who is between Kaisei and Shohozan at number eleven.
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