Grand Sumo Tournament: Hakuo Rebounds Following First Loss

Things just got extremely interesting for the wrestlers competing in the Grand Sumo Tournament. Inside Edion Arena Osaka, there is a two-way tie for first place.

Hakuho charged straight into Hokutofuji for his tenth win of the tournament. It made up for a loss he suffered yesterday at the hands of number five Onosho (6-4). The maegashira pushed Hakuho straight off the dohyo following a failed rank-and-filer attempt by the Yokozuna.

The other leader, Aoiyama, beat Kotonowaka via a drive and thrust. The number thirteen fighter beat the number eighteen rookie, who almost had his number as a result of a charge.

Someone to look out for in the Grand Sumo Tournament is Kakuryu (9-2), who is close to claiming the top spot as well. The Yokozuna held Shodai (5-6) and pushed him out following a failed holding of the belt. This this the thirteenth win for Kakuryu over Shodai.

The tournament was in question due to the coronavirus. Officials managed to salvage the event by closing off the arena to just the competitors and essential personnel. Chiyomaru, who was suffering from a fever, took tests which came back negative for the coronavirus.

Other results of the day, via Kyodo News:

  • Asanoyama (9-2) and Mitakeumi (9-2) both won their bouts to join Kakuryu in the race for the top. The former is now three wins away from earning 33 wins over a span of three tournaments. The latter recovered following back-to-back losses.
  •  Takanosho (9-2) recovered after being pushed to sixth with a win over Ishiura (7-4). The lone ozeki pushed the number twelve fighter out to keep in pace with the others.
  • Bulldozing his opponent off of the dohyo, Endo (6-5) was able to beat Onosho (6-5).
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