GSP Will Come Back For Khabib

While Georges St-Pierre announced that he’d retire, one fight that was left on the table was a superfight with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Now it seems that fight may not be on the list of fights that could have been.

“If the right fight came along, they know where to find me,” St-Pierre told ESPN of a return to the Octagon against Nurmagomedov.

“We tried to make the right fight but it didn’t work. If everything is aligned contractually, everything is good, as we speak now, yes I would.”

When prodded by the interviewer, St-Pierre confirmed that a fight with Nurmagomedov is the “right fight” which possibly could come at 155-pounds, but GSP seems to only want an immediate title shot, which Dana White may or may not do depending on how the events of UFC 244 and 245 go to close out the year.

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