Habazin: ‘Braekhus Would Beat Shields’

Unlike previous bouts agianst Christina Hammer and others, it appears the beef between Claressa Shields and Ivana Habazin has not ended.

Habazin (20-4) lost to Shields (10-0) via unanimous decision in Atlantic City to become the fastest boxer, male or female, to win world titles in three weight classes in just ten fights. The judges scored the bout in clear favor of Shields (99-89, 100-90, 100-89), who punched her way to victory. While her power is something to marvel at, Ivana dismissed it right after the fight.

“She doesn’t have any power, you know? She’s constantly punching, punching, punching and that’s why she’s winning her fights,” Ivana stated at the post-fight press conference. “I fought the best puncher of all time, that was Cecilia Braekhus.”

She ended up giving Shields credit for the liver shot in round six that dropped her, a first for Claressa. Considering she didn’t get finished, however, Ivana believes she is still the toughest fighter out there and that Shields was oblivious of the hit. What Ivana didn’t look into, however, were the 141 shots Shields landed compared to her 49, according to CompuBox.

Ivana has been adamant about Shields not being the best as she claims she is. Ivana recently called her a disgrace to women’s boxing and sports in general. She believes the older generation of fighters would still take her down.

“She’s not the GWOAT. Right now, she is good, but a fighter like Ann Wolfe can beat her a**,” Habazin went on to say. “Claressa constant punches gives her an advantage, that’s it.”

Shields is on a path to face Braekhus (36-0) at some point before her career is over. Habazin has faced Braekhus before, losing to her via unanimous decision in 2014. With both fighters beating her, Habazin had time to compare the two. She stayed true to her previous statements when she claimed Shields could never get the job done against the elite.

“When I fought Cecilia, I was at the beginning of my career. I only trained for four years,” Habazin continued. “Right now, I’m going to give more credit to Cecilia. I know the fight between the two is not going to happen, 100%. If they did fight at 147, however, Cecelia would definitely win that fight.”

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