Hakuho Atop Summer Tourney Standings

After missing the Spring grand tournament, Yokozuna Hakuho remained atop the competition after earning back to back wins on the second day of the 15 day Summer Grand Tournament.

Hakuho would nearly take a loss on Monday, when he faced Mitakeumi, but the yokozuna would out wrestle the  komusubi and shove him down for the latter’s first defeat at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

yokozuna Kakuryu would also continue his winning ways, as he looks for his first back-to-back championships in his career, as he quickly dispatched Tamawashi,

The two Mongolian winners are the only yokozuna competing in the tournament, after Kisenosato, the first Japan-born wrestler in 19 years to gain promotion to sumo’s highest rank, once again pulled out due to a chest injury.

Original Story: Japan Times

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