Hakuho Continues To Impress At The Grand Sumo Tournament

While the competition continues to grow, nothing has seemed to stop Hakuho from taking over Japan’s Grand Sumo Tournament.

Day nine of the fifteen day tournament saw the Yokozuna drop number five maegashira Ryuden (4-5) with ease. He is the only man competing inside Edion Arena Osaka that is undefeated. The only competitors close to him are Aoiyama (8-1) and Takanosho (8-1). Aoiyama, number thirteen, blew by Chiyotairyu (6-3) while Takanosho, number nine, pushed Tamawashi (2-7) with ease.

The tournament was in question due to the coronavirus. Officials managed to salvage the event by closing off the arena to just the competitors and essential personnel. That didn’t seem to bother Hakuho, as he was able to win several bouts prior to and after his 35th birthday.

“I’m very fortunate to be able to wrestle at the age of 35. I hope seeing me win (on March 11) gives courage to people,” Hakuho stated, via Kyodo News.

Other results from the day, via Kyodo News:

  • Yokozuna Kakuryu joins five wrestlers who are tied at 7-2 in the tournament. He pounded and pushed number four Abi (4-5) following a failed shove attempt.
  • One of the other competitors at 7-2 in the tournament, number three Mitakeumi, was able to shove Hokutofuji (2-7) out of the circle with a dohyo. The competition continues to heat up, even with Hakuho in a commanding lead.
  • Asanoyama (7-2) was able to drive his opponent out with a push following an attempted belt grab. The man he faced, Shodai, is now 4-5 in competition.
  • As the only ozeki performing, Takakeisho had a lot to live up to. He continues to survive within the tournament, even with a loss. Takakeisho (5-4) was beaten by number three Yutakayama (4-5) after being pushed off of his feet. Takakeisho had an early advantage but was unable to hold his ground and secure himself following a charge.
  • Managing to stay above .500, Endo (5-4) was able to thrust Enho (3-6) out of the ring. The two are tied in their series against one another, with more time coming up to decide the ultimate winner of their rivalry.

The tournament may be in question due to Chiyomaru suffering from a fever. He was sent to a local hospital following a temperature of 37.5 C (99.5 F). He was tested for the coronavirus, but it appears his sickness was due to to a bacterial skin infection. An x-ray showed there were no signs of the disease, thanks to the guidance of his stablemaster. Chiyomaru is currently being quarantined.

Measures have been put in place to keep the area as clean and safe as possible. As competition almost reaches its conclusion, stay tuned to see if Hakuho can keep up his momentum.

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