Hakuho Remains Perfect Nine Days Into New Year’s Basho

On the ninth day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, Hakuho maintained his perfect record with a win over Kotoshogiku.

The only yokozuna still in action, the 33-year-old Mongolian would topple his opponent for the 56th time in their 62 match history to maintain the course towards extending his record of top division titles to 42.

Behind Hakuho in the standings is Chiyonokuni, who is trailing by only one win, as the rank and file wrestler looks to stay competitive in the final six days of competition.

Injuries continue to plague the sport as fan favorites Kakuryu and Tochinoshin would withdraw in the early stages.

Kakuryu would go 2-3 before the yokozuna would retire from the tournament, while ozeki ranked Tochinoshin would withdraw on the tournament’s fourth day following losses in each of his initial contests.


Initial Report: The Japan Times

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