Hakuho Remains Undefeated In Grand Sumo Tournament Action

On the fourth day of March’s Grand Sumo Tournament, we may have found the man who may win it all.

Celebrating his 35th birthday, Hakuho won his fourth match in as many tries inside the Edion Arena in Osaka. After dominating the competition the last few days, the Yokozuna beat number two maegashira Okinoumi. After a brief stalemate, Hakuho grabbed the now 1-3 star by the belt and lifted him out.

Dealing with injuries over the past few months, Hakuho has now won sixth bouts in a row. The opportunity to compete in this tournament allowed Hakuho, born in Mongolia, to reflect on this moment.

“I’m very fortunate to be able to wrestle at the age of 35. I hope seeing me win (on March 11) gives courage to people,” Hakuho stated, via Kyodo News.

After suffering the first loss of the tournament a few days ago, Yokozuna Kakuryu beat number one maegashira Takayasu. Takayasu was thrusted down and landed on his leg. It is unknown his status, but he fell to 0-4 in competition.

Number one Daieisho (1-3) finally entered the win column after edging Takakeisho. Using his own momentum against him, Daieisho pushed Takakeisho aside to gain some sort of momentum.

Only four top tanked wrestlers improved to 4-0, while the other competitors (Endo, Yutakayama, Hokutofuji) are all even at 2-2.

By the end of the tournament, we could see Asanoyama get promoted to ozeki. He beat Hokutofuji to remain undefeated.

The event has been closed off to fans due to the coronavirus. Only select members of the sumo organization can attend the Grand Sumo Tournament, and measures have been put in place to keep the area as clean and safe as possible.

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