Hakuho Reprimanded For Leading Cheer

After conducting a cheer last month, one of the biggest names in sumo, Hakuho, received a reprimand from the Japan Sumo Association on Wednesday.

The call to action by the popular yokozuna on March 24th was deemd a breach of sumo tradition, but the JSA board deemed only the lightest punishment possible was needed.

“It is important for sumo wrestlers to take decorum seriously and be able to cherish human things,” JSA chairman Hakkaku said.

“I told Hakuho that because he is a yokozuna, I want him to take the initiative in upholding such traditions and orders, such decorum and beauty of form. From now on I will put more effort into his teaching.”

The traditional sanbon-jime cheer, which the 34-year old was leading after a record-extending 42nd tournament title, was due to Hakuho wanting to “rouse the crowd at the conclusion of the last grand tournament of the Heisei era.”

Report: Japan Times

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