Halle Berry Went Through Actual Weight Cut Before Direction Of ‘Bruised’

The veteran actress Halle Berry said she went through a went cut before the filming of her movie “Bruised” got started.

Berry, 55, took the lead role in her directional debut film “Bruised,” which was released on Netflix earlier this month. The plot revolves around a disgraced MMA fighter who seeks redemption after being flattened by her competitors both inside and outside the MMA ring. The movie also got the attention of the UFC fans, particularly as it featured the likes of Valentina Shevchenko.

Berry took this project earnestly and went through an actual weight cut to experience how the real fighters live through this phase.

In an interview, Berry explains that she wanted everything to look connected to MMA and she pulled out all stops as she emaciated before the direction of the movie.

“I wanted to understand what it felt like, and being the director of the story, I felt like I needed to understand it. So the weight cut for me, was probably a little bit more real than for Valentina. I was preparing like a month and a half before, just to get to a good fight weight.” Berry said.

The film also featured the seasoned referee, Keith Peterson, who was full of praise for Berry’s dedication to the project. He mentioned that at times, he felt that he was refereeing an actual fight during all this while.

“I remember the day we were actually doing the fight, and we had Keith Peterson, a real UFC referee, and I remember the day he came to me, and we performed one of our sequences, and Keith said ‘My god, I thought for a minute, I was watching a real Valentina fight. That’s when I knew that, oh my god, all of this training, and weight cutting, muscle building, it was all worth it,” Berry said.

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