Haney Lands PRIME Sponsorship After Garcia’s Rant

Devin Haney has been by sponsored PRIME, much to the anger of Ryan Garcia

The boxers fight on April 20 as Haney defends his WBC Junior Welterweight Belt. But the fight has been overshadowed by Garcia’s antics online. The boxer most recently directed his anger towards PRIME. He accused the drink of being potentially harmful, targeting one of the biggest brands.

PRIME, which Logan Paul and KSI founded, has secured huge endorsement deals. It most recently became the first WWE mat sponsor, which will begin at WrestleMania XL. PRIME has also managed to work with some of the biggest combat sports stars in the world, including Israel Adesanya, Alexander Volkanovski, and Terence Crawford. Haney is the latest name to the list, causing Garcia to respond. 

Garcia risks facing a lawsuit if his comments are seen as libellous. While the boxer is doing everything he can to avoid such a thing by labelling any claims as alleged, his main focus should be on overcoming Haney. Garcia knows a world title is at stake, as a victory would make him the biggest name in boxing. Garcia’s comments drew a widespread reaction.


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