Haney Looking To Punish Lomachenko – ‘I Don’t Like Loma, Send Him Into Retirement’

Devin Haney is seeking to put on a comprehensive performance against Vasily Lomachenko on May 20th, 2023, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

The pair do have some history, given the potential of this fight happening earlier. Haney was the mandatory for Lomachenko only for the latter’s team to side step him.

Thereafter, Haney was given the WBC belt as Lomachenko became the WBC franchise champion. Therefore, Haney’s shot at the title was taken away.

But the bad blood has remained with Haney vowing to retire the Ukrainian from the sport of boxing.

“He made me wait four years to fight him since I was 20 years old. So I don’t like Loma.  I want to beat him bad. I want to send him into retirement. 

“Loma has never been an underdog. This time he’s fighting a champion, and he’s fighting a bigger guy, a stronger guy, faster guy, younger guy. The odds are stacked against him,” Haney

Despite this being the case, Lomachenko has talked up his chances ahead of the bout. The Ukrainian has partly been fueled by his country’s current war with Russia as a source of motivation, having joined the armed forces at one point.

“I go to bed with this dream; I wake up with this dream. What happened in my life. I lose these three belts, but I win much more bigger than these three belts. For me, it was very, very good. I understand it now,” Lomachenko  

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