Haney Reflects On Mayweather Workout

Sometimes, to be the best you have to learn from the best. That is how Devin Haney sees it.

Recently, the WBC Lightweight Champion was seen training with Floyd Mayweather. The 21-year-old was getting sparring advice while generating headlines. Speaking with IFL TV, Haney (24-0) discussed the session and the process that led up to it.

“It’s been going on for a couple of days now. The first day we worked out it was all over Instagram and stuff like that. I mean me and Floyd have talked on numerous occasions. As you saw there are numerous videos of me and him working in the gym showing me different tips. So we finally got in a real training session and it went well,” Haney stated, via Boxing Scene.

Haney made his professional debut in 2015. He won the USBA Lightweight Title in his 19th fight and the IBF North American Lightweight Title right after. Inside Madison Square Garden in September he beat Zaur Abdullaev for the interim WBC Lightweight TItle. Promoted to undisputed champion, he beat Alfredo Santiago in his last bout in November to retain it.

Mayweather (50-0) is currently leading Mayweather Promotions, taking care of young fighters like Gervonta Davis. Now retired, the four-weight lineal champion is looking to become a trainer. He is giving pointers to family while also talking about the skills of Errol Spence Jr. Mayweather had trainers in his dad Floyd Sr. and his uncle, the late Roger. Haney has worked with these men as well and sees this as a clear full-circle moment.

Haney is currently signed by Matchroom Boxing. It is unsure how a relationship with him and Mayweather would work. While nothing is on the table as of now, Haney is just thankful for the opportunity to learn from one of the best boxers of the last few years.

“As of now we haven’t spoken on anything, anything long-term but you know whenever Floyd can give me tips and work with me he always does so I have to thank him for that,” Haney went on to say. “Floyd knows so much of the game. He’s accomplished so much he’s been in the game for so long. He became world champion the year that I was born so there’s so much that he can teach me and I learned so much.

“I definitely feel like it was destiny. I’ve worked with Jeff Mayweather, Floyd Sr, Roger, and now Floyd Jr., so it was definitely destiny and I’m very thankful for this. It’s still unbelievable to me.”

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