Haney Viciously Shoves Loma During Intense Weigh-In

Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko weighed themselves in before their mega fight on May 20th, 2023, as the American lost his cool. 

The undisputed champion Haney puts his ‘0’ on the line against the three-division champion Lomachenko who is keen on becoming undisputed himself. 

Both fighters were required to weigh in at the 135 lb limit, as the talk before the weigh-in emerged over how big Haney may end up being on fight night. 

One such report indicated that after rehydration Haney could get as big as 156 lbs. However, he will have to manage his temper carefully. 

Haney lost his cool when Lomachenko stayed composed after he told the Ukrainian that he would ‘lose tomorrow.’ Thereafter, he violently shoved Lomachenko as the crowd reacted with boos.

While all the fighters made their weight, it is clear that Haney vs. Lomachenko looks personal. 


Haney: “That was just the start. You see how easy I pushed him? He’s the smaller man and I’m gonna impose my will on him.”

Lomachenko: “He is mine. Now he is mine. He doesn’t have the power. I felt it. He’s scared.”


Devin Haney (134.9) vs. Vasiliy Lomachenko (135) – lightweight

Oscar Valdez (132.1) vs. Adam Lopez (132.1) – junior lightweight

Raymond Muratalla (133.9) vs. Jeremiah Nakathila (133.6) – lightweight

Andrew Moloney (114.5) vs. Junto Nakatani (114.6) – junior bantamweight

Nico Ali Walsh (158.4) vs. Danny Rosenberger – middleweight

Emiliano Vargas (133.8) vs. Rafael Jasso (134.7) – lightweight

Abdullah Mason (135.8) vs. Desmond Lyons (135.3) – lightweight

Floyd Diaz (119.8) vs. Luis Fernando Saavedra (119.8) – junior featherweight

Amari Jones (160) vs. Pachino Hill (161.9) – middleweight

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